Monday, August 6, 2007

Sorry folks...

I know, I know. I think even our most loyal supporters have completely given up on us and who can blame you, its been months. In my defense it's been a busy few months. Let's do a brief summary of each and then take it from there.


Great times. Our favourite girls from Dubai braved long flights, rude airport personnel and grumpy air hostesses to arrive for their first visit to Bermuda. We enjoyed a wonderful week together with Tarry and Tess, although they did find it a bit cool!

Our next visitor was no stranger to the island...Margi returned for the third time! I think she found it was a lot more fun this time around with the constant chatter and all-round entertainment. Granny was an instant hit the moment she opened her suitcase and all the presents poured out. I'm surprised she managed to fit any personal belongings in.


Things really started to hot up. Craig, of course, was very busy at work with the end of year audit so Amy and I endured our loneliness by soaking up the gorgeous sunshine and dipping in the azure seas of this isolated mecca we call home. Thankfully we made it through. Amy is now an expert swimmer in her fancy new armbands, noted amongst other things for their superb buoyancy. All I have to do is sit on the beach and watch her inbetween pages of the latest Harry Potter. (just kidding...I haven't read it yet!)


Now is now. (Thanks Mark) Yes, blog updated just in time for Amy's birthday. There is great excitement with Amy singing 'Happy Birthday' to herself quite regularly and to anyone else occasionally. Should be interesting to see her reaction when the multitudes at her party burst into song.